Women Can’t Compete in the NBA

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Colin Linneweber in NBA
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NBA Commissioner David Stern predicted last week that a woman will play in the league within the next decade. á ôI donÆt want to get into all kinds of arguments with players and coaches about the likelihood,ö Stern told Sports Illustrated. ôBut I really think itÆs a good possibility.ö á Stern, 67, who became the NBA commissioner in 1984, said he realizes that many people are skeptical that women could compete physically with men. á However, Stern offered the reasoning behind his belief, citing examples of other female athletes who have flourished performing athletically against men. á ôIf you look at world records, letÆs say track and field, youÆll see how the women have moved up to what would have been records several decades ago for men,ö said Stern, a 1966 graduate of Colu ...

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