Washington Wizards’ Record, Optimism Fall as Losses Mount

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Shaun Ahmad in NBA
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There is a clear and distinct difference between being optimistic and being naive.á Believing our economy will recover is being optimistic.á Believing Lindsay Lohan's career will make a comeback as she sheds a life of partying and drugs...that's being naive (or high on whatever Lohan is smoking). á Through the first six games of the Washington Wizards' season, I was optimistic.á I was hopeful.á Picture me as the guy on Wall Street in 2006 nodding his head and convincing investors that the market will be fine, despite having 24,593 clear warning signs in front of me. á "So what if Arenas had more failed surgeries than successful ones over the past couple of years?á á Who cares if the team is banking its success on three players who have spent more time injured together than healthy ...

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Article written by Shaun Ahmad

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