Vince Carter Has Slowed Down But is Still a Great Player

Posted: 25th October 2009 by Dwyane Montell in NBA
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Vince Carter is hated by many people. He does not fall into the Kobe and Iverson hate category but he is very hated. He may just be the third most hated player in the NBA behind Kobe and AI.

Vince Carter receives a lot of unfair criticism and is unfairly judged. People wait for him to fail so they can write about it or have something to talk about. Vince Carter just pisses so many haters off. They hate his swagger, hate his attitude, hate the fact that he could have been so great but is not. For the past three years Vince Carter has been called a washed up player with no heart who can not lead or help a team win games. That is not true at all. Everyone player loses a step when they get old, it just so happened that Vince did not take great care of his body and lost a step a bit ...

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Article written by Dwyane Montell

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