Time To Move Over MJ: Kobe Bryant Is The Best There Ever Was

Posted: 7th December 2009 by Jose Salviati in NBA
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It's time we acknowledge the obvious.

Kobe Bryant has surpassed Michael Jordan.

It's time.

For years we have been heralding the next great baller with whispers of "maybe he is the next Jordan."  Players have been burdened with that tag long enough.

It's time to ask who will be the next Bryant.

Jordan brought life and energy to an otherwise borderline moribund franchise. Twice.

Bryant brought life and energy to a struggling NBA elite franchise in a top market.  Twice.

Jordan was the main, if not the only, reason you watched a Bulls game in 80s and 90s.

Bryant is the main, if not the only reason, you watch the Lakers today.

Jordan was bigger than the game.

Bryant is bigger than the game.
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Article written by Jose Salviati

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