The Spurs Deserve a Proper Burial, and I’m Here To Give Them One

Posted: 8th December 2009 by Robert Kleeman in NBA
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Writer's note: The team has played like garbage for too many stretches of late, so I'm trashingáSan Antonioáto getáitáto win more games. I hope this hogwash spurs the squad toáa double-digit game winning streak and a fifth title. At 9-9, the Spurs boast the worst December record of Tim Duncan's career. No, I don't think he's an "old geezer who can't play anymore." I swore against this years ago. I know it's stupid. I'm going to do something no one should ever do to the San Antonio Spurs in December. Bury them. As in, I think they're done, ready to be put in a casket for a massive fan viewing. Get out your shovels. Start digging. This $80 million team looks more like an El Camino with no transmission than a fancy sports car on the Autobahn. Richard Jefferson has been invisible in 90 pe ...

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Article written by Robert Kleeman

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