The NBA Is Broken And Heading For A Lockout, Now What?

Posted: 23rd September 2009 by Mark Welling in NBA
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The NBA is in trouble, the problem is the NBA doesn't seem to know it. There is going to be a lockout in 2011. 21 of 30 NBA teams lost money this season. Arenas are empty, and advertising dollars are disappearing. There is going to be little alternative for the owners, but to force the players out and negotiate down the current economic model that exists in the NBA. The lockout is going to be ugly. The good news for the NBA is that it might not last long. The NHL lost a season, and a TV contract to the lockout that it went through. The difference between the NHL and the NBA? Money. While the NBA generates far more revenues than the smaller NHL, the players in the NHL are more fiscally responsible in comparison to their counterparts in the NBA. Sports Illustrated wrote an interesting piece ...

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Article written by Mark Welling

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