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The dictionary defines the word “mundane” as common, ordinary, banal, and unimaginative.

That’s exactly what another possible Brett Favre return is going to look like with LeBron James hitting the free agent market after the NBA season comes to a close.

For the past few years, Brett Favre has been the topic of conversation around ESPN and other major networks, not to mention whatever team he’s trying to decide on at that particular moment.

But this year, he’s already yesterday’s news—no matter what he decides.

The NBA, and whatever teams that decide to chase LeBron James, will be held hostage for an unknown amount of time. It’s even been rumored that James wants to hand-pick the coach that he plays for. Not sure when the players got to decide who coached them, but maybe the rules are changing for a specific person.

I can’t see Lakers’ guard Jordan Farmar hitting the free agent market and requesting his own coach. He’d probably get laughed right out of every NBA office he walked into. Then again, Farmar isn’t LeBron James, and apparently, James gets what he wants.

What happens now is anyone’s guess.

There will be speculation, there will be rumors both true and false, and I’m sure there will even be false reports of him signing with this team or that team. It comes with the territory for this kind of free agent.

My concern is this: Will signing James to the most lucrative contract in NBA history set a dangerous precedent for the next “up-and-coming star?”

If James gets to hand-pick the coach, does that put just about every NBA coach in danger of losing their job, because some spoiled star doesn’t like him?

There’s no question that LeBron wants to win a title, but so does every player who wears not only an NBA uniform, as well as those who have aspirations of playing in the highest level of any game.

What makes James different from any other star out there is his ability to change a game, for good or bad.

You can look at Game Five of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics, a game that a lot of people said James quit—which would explain the chorus of boos from the home fans as he left the court.

Does Cleveland want him back?

I don’t think there’s any question they do. Without James, the Cavs are just another Eastern Conference whipping boy. The Indians probably have a better chance at winning than the Cavs would, if King James takes his ball and goes home.

It seems everyone is looking at two different cities as destinations for the most coveted free agent in recent memory, and both of those cities have very different attractions to James.

The first being—as has been very obvious over the past few years—the New York Knicks. LeBron James has a very publicized relationship with rapper Jay-Z, and James is a self-admitted New York Yankee fan.

He would enjoy playing at Madison Square Garden, and he might even be a bigger celebrity in the city than Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez combined.

Ok, that might be stretching it a bit, but you get the point.

The question with the Knicks is: Can they build the right team around LeBron James that will eventually bring an NBA title back to New York?

Another question would be: Would the Knicks become a very enticing destination for other free agents if James does sign with them?

They’re interesting questions to ponder and debate for the next several months until the King makes his decision.

The other destination has just one attraction, but it’s a big one at that.

It’s none other than the Chicago Bulls. You need only to say “Bulls,” and every NBA fan knows why this destination would be very enticing for the young phenom.

He wears the No. 23 as did another very famous and long-time Chicago Bull. Donning a Chicago Bulls jersey with, possibly, No. 23 on it would bring back memories of one Michael Jordan.

Championship hopes would once again return to the Windy City and to fans of ‘da Bulls.

I mentioned before that James might want to hand-pick his next coach. In fact, there’s already rumors that have surfaced that whatever team James is interested in could approach current University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari.

Though the university has denied any truth that Cal could be leaving, if James come calling, you’d think he’d have to listen, don’t you?

Let’s not forget that current Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose played under Calipari at the University of Memphis.

I’m sure Rose wouldn’t mind playing under his old coach again.

A few days ago, I had mentioned a possible landing spot for King James could be the Los Angeles Lakers. Though the more I think about it, the more unlikely that scenario become—unless the Lakers can work out a sign-and-trade. That might turn into a worse move than when they brought in Karl Malone and Gary Payton to go along with Shaq and Kobe, who already didn’t like each other.

So, assuming the Lakers are out, what about the Clippers?

It’s a young team, a team that could succeed, but it’s also a team with an owner who is a little more than frugal. Donald Sterling is not exactly the kind of guy who is going to jump for joy, and do everything he can to sign one of the more lucrative contracts in NBA history.

While signing James might not turn long-time Lakers fan Jack Nicholson into a Clippers fan, it very well could bring excitement—not to mention big money in ticket sales—to a franchise that is in dire need of a bigger fan base.

The Clippers have been the little brother that has been picked on for years by big brother (Lakers), and could use a player like LeBron James to finally set big brother straight.

But while Donald Sterling has control of the Clippers, I just don’t see that happening either.

LeBron James has the biggest bargaining chip of any NBA star out there: himself.

What will be his downfall is asking for too much. Not to say that there won’t be a team out there willing to give him whatever he wants, just so he’ll sign there. That team might want to take a lesson from the Texas Rangers when they signed Alex Rodriguez.

I wouldn’t leverage my future on one player.

There’s no question he’s among the best players in the game right now, and he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. But giving him big-time money will leave little money to sign the right players to win a championship.

But, alas, he is LeBron James, and he is the most coveted free agent in recent memory. There will be a team willing to do anything to land him. As long as that remains true, this could get out of hand very quickly.

Owners and general managers, open your checkbooks!

May the best team win.

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