The Good, the Bad, and the Knicks

Posted: 8th November 2009 by Jared Zeidman in NBA
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á I donÆt think a lot of people will admit this, but IÆd guess that everyone who has ever played a game of pickup basketball has been picked last at least once in their life. Maybe itÆs because no one has ever seen you play before. Maybe itÆs because basketball isnÆt your thing. Maybe it was just some friendly ribbing. But that doesnÆt change the fact that you are picked after the little kid, after the guy whom you are certain has never played the game before, and after Lenny, the guy with terrible asthma, wearing his inhaler as a necklace. Initially, you have something to prove. Even if you know you arenÆt anything special, the chip on your shoulder may be enough to give you a little extra spring in your step. ...

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