Solemn Low Five: Ranking Chris Bosh’s List of Five

Posted: 23rd May 2010 by Brad LeClair in NBA
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With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, the Lakers are slaughtering the Suns and the Celtics are making short work of the Magic, it seems like the writing is on the wall for the NBA Finals. But as this is said, it also appears the writing is on the wall for the Toronto Raptors and their franchise player Chris Bosh.

Amid controversy of whether Bosh actually sent Bryan Colangelo a list; Colangelo confirmed that Bosh has shortened his list to a handful of teams that also included Toronto. 

But don’t fret Raptor fans, if Bosh leaves, it’s highly likely a sign and trade will be worked out because Bosh can sign for more years and money with Toronto than anywhere else. It all comes down to where Bosh wants to play. The Raptors will get something back more than likely, so that’s what this article is going to try and explain.

Here I’m ranking the five teams in terms of what they can offer the Toronto Raptors going forward and how the team will end up.

5. Miami Heat

Most Likely Trade Package: Michael Beasley and Trade Exemption

Beasley creates more of a problem at the three than anything. For him to come to the Raptors, I want him playing the three. With Turkoglu around, he’d be shifted to the four and once again, the Raptors get dominated in the interior for another season. The Trade Exemption is probably more appealing than Beasley at this point.

4. New York Knicks

Most Likely Trade Package: David Lee and Danilo Gallinari

David Lee is a small power forward, and in my opinion, the Raptors are better served to move Bargnani to the four and bring in a big center. Getting Lee helps alleviate the loss of Bosh’s rebounding, but the Raptors are smaller up front and still pose no threat to championship teams. Gallinari is another soft three-point shooting Euro who won’t really help defensively at all.

3. Chicago Bulls

Most Likely Trade Package: Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, Two First-Round Picks 2010 and 2011.

This gives the Raptors a 15-17 ppg wing scorer who can defend and shoots a good percentage, a young up and coming power forward who played at USC with DeMar DeRozan and two first-round picks.

This deal is similar to the Vince Carter deal in terms of picks, but talent is much better. The Raptors would then own the 13th and 17th picks and could probably get into about eighth or ninth position where Centers Cole Aldrich or Ed Davis may be available or even guards such as Xavier Henry or Avery Bradley who could be taken before the Raptors have a chance to pick them.

It’s not the most wonderful deal out there, but out of the five it’s probably the one that helps them the most going forward so far.

2. Resigning with the Toronto Raptors

This move you’d think be number one, but hear me out. If Bosh resigns with Toronto that either means Colangelo is set to make more moves to help Bosh out, or it means he somehow convinced Bosh that last season was an LSD induced hallucination. Either way, the Raptors are in a world of trouble financially with long term contract given to soft Euros such as Calderon, Turkoglu and Bargnani so it ties their hands when it comes to trading. How many teams would be willing to take these guys, nobody really knows.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Most Likely Trade Package: Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic

This package is probably the trade that will go down. Bynum easily becomes one of the bigger and best forces in the East along with Shaq and Dwight Howard at the Center position. Bynum allows Bargnani to shift to the four while also giving the Raptors another expiring deal they can deal in hopes of getting another wing player to help them out. Andre Iguodala anyone? The possibility is there if the Sixers take Evan Turner and want to go in another direction.


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