Reality Check: King James Will Hold Court Elsewhere in 2010

Posted: 28th October 2009 by Daniel Bartemus in NBA
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The city of Cleveland has taken one too many haymakers to the face in its miserable sports history. There was "The Drive" in football, the 1997 World Series and 2007 American League Championship Series in baseball, and the infamous Michael Jordan shot in the face of Craig Ehlo in basketball. If those highlights aren't depressing enough, there are always Major League I and II . I mean, what other sports franchise has been defacedùnot once, but twiceùon the big screen? Only the Cleveland Indians. I'd like to be the one to tell Cleveland fans that it's all going to be okay and that there is some light at the end of the tunnel and all that other happy talk.á But what fun is that? I'd much rather be the one to deliver the knockout punch nine months before a certain someone does on his own, s ...

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Article written by Daniel Bartemus

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