Portland Sports Media: The Kings Of Trauma-Drama

Posted: 12th November 2009 by Brian D. in NBA
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I've been noticing a trend lately áMore and more, the Portland sports media have become the kings of trauma-drama. You know what trauma-drama is. I'm sure you've all had a girlfriend or a coworker who routinely turns the smallestálittle non-eventáintoáaácrisis. You know, her best friend doesn't calláher back, and she has to call every other person she knows asking why her best friend hates her.áá Oráyour employerádecides to stop buying coffee for the break room, andáyour co-workerástarts telling everyone that layoffs are coming. These people are never happier than when everything around them is chaotic. The Portland sports media, as aáwhole, has become that person. Or maybeáit's always been that way, and I'm just noticing it now becauseátheáold "Jailblazers" used to give sp ...

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Article written by Brian D.

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