Pivot Points: The Anatomy of A Hater

Posted: 3rd October 2009 by Hadarii Jones in NBA
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This for all of the haters of the sports world, you know who you are. You mask your disdain for a player by using numbers that paint a picture, but never tell the whole story. If a player scores 81 points for example, you lessen the accomplishment by mentioning that he only shot in the mid 40 percent range to get it. Nevermind that it's so monumental that you will probably never in your lifetime see it happen again, it remains a feat that holds no interest for you. Haters are usually very intelligent, so they expend enormous amounts ofátime researching their subjects, so that they can make compelling arguments. They can be very persuasive in their debates, and for a time, can almost even seem reasonable. Make no mistake though, there is no reasoning with them because things like champions ...

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Article written by Hadarii Jones

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