Opening Night Position Battles (Celtics @ Cavs)

Posted: 24th October 2009 by Gino's Jungle in NBA
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After pretty much beating downáevery possible question anyone could possibly have about the 2009-2010 Boston Celtics it is almost time to begin the quest towards the 18th banner. As I write this there are roughly about 4 days 5 hours and 30 minutes until the opening tip-off of the regular season against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today I thought I would take some time to look at the individual match ups against the team we are opening with, and possibly the team will have to beat to return to the NBA Finals. Point Guard ávs. Mo is an above average guard in the NBA, he has a different style of playing the point, compared to Rondo. He is more of a shoot first guard, he has good handles, but lacks the floor control that Rondo has. Mo is a very good shooter from long range and has the capabil ...

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