NBA Referees Make Calls, Hilarity Ensues!

Posted: 19th October 2009 by Steven Resnick in NBA
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The NBA recently came out with the "NBA Video Rulebook" to help fans better understand the calls that are made by their referees. While the premise was an interesting one, after watching some examples I had to ask myself, "Is this a joke?" The only answer I have is, yes, yes it is. So, what videos did I watch first? Clearly the technical fouls. I was interested in what was known as a "respect for the game" technical foul. According to the video rulebook, upon being called for a foul, a player is allowed a "heat of the moment" reaction. This reaction, however, must quickly "dissolve," meaning the player cannot direct his complaint at the official and must stop his complaint more-or-less immediately. The rulebook provides two examples of "heat of the moment" reactions that dissolve quickly a ...

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Article written by Steven Resnick

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