Michael Jordan Was Greater Than Wilt Chamberlain

Posted: 6th May 2010 by Isaiah Montoya in NBA
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When all-time greatest lists come out, either Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain is number one. In all seriousness, no other players are even in the equation of, "Who is the greatest ever?" Yep, Wilt did average 50.4 pts one season, scored 100 pts in a game, and averaged 27.2 rebounds once. Jordan finished with the highest scoring average ever (Wilt No. 2) and won six titles on six chances, with six Finals MVP's. To properly illustrate why Jordan was better I broke their (regular season)careers in half for you to see, and judge for yourself. Wilt played 14 seasons and Jordan played 15 seasons (over a 19 year span). I will analyze Wilts first seven years vs. Jordan, and then his second seven vs. Jordan's last eight (including Washington stats). In his first seven seasons Wilt played 543 games and J ...

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