LeBron James’ Legacy Lost In Cleveland

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Scott Fitzsimmons in NBA
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LeBron James worked very hard to build a legacy that would last a very long time in the NBA. He has been a big part of the community he grew up in, and had an opportunity to step into super stardom, and leave a legacy that Cleveland residents and NBA fans in general would NEVER forget. When the hype started around him in high school, many people questioned if his play would stand up in the NBA. We all wondered what kind of player, or person, would emerge after his mom took a second mortgage on their house to buy him a Hummer so he could "look the part" of an NBA superstar. I cringed when I heard the news of the Hummer purchase, because so many egos are overinflated before they step on the professional court, and they never recover from the poor decisions they make off the court fro ...

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