Lebron James Chooses the Hard Road in Miami

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Gordon Garner in NBA
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LeBron could've taken the easy way out.  It was his decision to make. He a free agent and every NBA team in the league willing to throw anything in their arsenal at him. It would have been simple to stay in Cleveland. If he had announced his return to Ohio, the sports talk shows today would be full of nothing but praise and adoration for LeBron James. Everyone would be talking about how loyal and dedicated he is. You wouldn't be hearing an ounce of criticism from anyone. But LeBron refused to take the easy way out. He could've returned to the Cavaliers where he has a laundry list of legitimate excuses waiting in the wings should he continue to fail in his pursuit of a ring. People wouldn't blame it on him if he never managed a title in Cleveland. I mean, its Cleveland.  And if he ...

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