Kobe Bryant, You’re No Michael Jordan

Posted: 5th October 2009 by Harry Kane in NBA
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Kobe is the best of all-time? Just laughable. á Kobe is, WOW, better than his ôAirnessö? Just shameful. á LetÆs nip this in the bud: á Championships 2000-2002: Sure, Kobe was the second-best player on that team. But, sure, you could trade him for Manu Ginobili and Shaq still wins his first three titles. á 2003: The best TEAM of the decade (San Antonio) shows the selfish Lakers how to win together, not as two individuals (that's right, Kobe: you're no Jordan).á This playoff loss signaled the beginning of the end for what could have been a Celtic-like run for the Lakers. Who was going to beat Shaq in his prime and an improving Kobe in the Finals? á The answer? Kobe, of course. á Unable to accept the role as second option, Kobe starts the early grumblings... á 2004: The Lakers brin ...

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