Kleeman’s Jump Hook: My Interview With Clyde Drexler

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Robert Kleeman in NBA
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Writer's note : Thanks to a Bleacher Report/NBA , Best Buy, HP and Windows partnership, I interviewed Hall of Fame guard Clyde Drexler two weeks ago at a Houston-area Best Buy.   His answer to my dreaded retirement questions inspired me to write a column , comparing the ease with which he called it quits to another Texas great, David Robinson.   Here is the full transcript of my 16-minute conversation with Drexler.   Clyde Drexler : My memory is not what it used to be.   Robert Kleeman: You still have a lot to contribute.   CD : (Chuckles)     RK: Let’s talk about technology—the focus of today’s event. Did you ever imagine sitting on the bench, you would one day buy a phone and use it to Twitter and check Facebook?   CD : I ha ...

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Article written by Robert Kleeman

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