Jerry Reinsdorf, Look at the Mess You’ve Made

Posted: 23rd December 2009 by Mike Woods in NBA
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You see that picture? Those were the good ol' days. Back when high-flying Mike orchestrated the Bulls and turned them into a dynasty. Back when everyone took notice of the Bulls, even David Stern. Mike was happy, Stern was happy, and of course Jerry was; just look at that smirk, as if to say, "Yeah, I put this together." The money was coming in and everyone was feeling good. The NBA was profiting and the Bulls were not only turning into a franchise powerhouse but a profitable one also, as one of the most bankable franchises along with Los Angeles and New York. Oh, but things have changed now. Now everyone takes notice of the Bulls, albeit for all of the wrong reasons. Bulls fans, this is what happens when money and bad decisions take precedence over winning. We are all seeing what happens ...

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Article written by Mike Woods

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