Is Portland returning To the Jailblazer days?

Posted: 26th June 2010 by Drew Barton in NBA
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There was a time when the Portland Trailblazers were a good team verging on the great.  They were good enough to hold a 4th quarter Game 7 double-digit lead.

It is a revisionist lie to say they did not have fans. The Rose Garden still sold out with regularity.

But it is also not a truth to say they were loved.

It was hard to like a lot of these guys. Damon Stoudemire and his famed "aluminum foil to hide my marijuana" escapade. Rasheed Wallace and his technical fouls. Scottie Pippen and his famed public boorishness. Ruben Patterson and his domestic issues. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Great team, top-notch players; unlikable guys.

It was with this in mind the franchise rebuilt. Gone was the gun-toting Sebastian Telfair, the self-ab ...

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