George Karl of the Denver Nuggets: The Most Refreshing Coach in the NBA

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Courtney Zierk in NBA
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NBA coaches have become so predictable. á We hear it all the time. Postgame commentary that is so programmed and prepackaged that one could practically recite it verbatim even as the coach is speaking. á Interviews littered with clichÚs and understatement. Dialogue marred by deflection and avoidance. á ItÆs gotten to the point now where this overly diplomatic rhetoric has even poisoned the line of questioning itself, which has become just as spineless as the answers. ItÆs like a monotonous and predictable dance routine. á Queue the pillowy elevator music. Interviewer asks question and takes the lead. á Coach responds in an equally uninteresting fashion, revealing little to no actual information about his team. Repeat steps one through three. Queue applause. á Enter George Karl. A ...

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Article written by Courtney Zierk

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