Furor Over Jordan’s Speech: A Game Even He Can’t Win

Posted: 16th September 2009 by Gerald Flemming in NBA
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Did you watch the now infamous speech? On which side of the fence have you positioned yourself?  Is he the boorish, disrespectful egoist who couldn't be cool...or is he the guy who shoots from the hip and lets the chips fall where they may? I've never seen a more startling reaction to a speech in my life (unless you're Kanye, and he deserved it). Like the million or so hits suggest, I clicked the link just like you did and hunkered down to watch the greatest player of all time give me something: some reason he was capable of doing what he did, some little tidbit of his personal demons, or some story about what it was really like to be No. 23. After having watched him play all of these years, I wanted him to deliver a speech that was equivalent to a raw and savage Jordan throwdown in a ...

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Article written by Gerald Flemming

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