Don’t Call It Hate, Call It Being A Realist

Posted: 4th October 2009 by Steven Resnick in NBA
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I find it highly illogical that when someone puts up an argument in regards to Kobe Bryant and it's not one that's going to shine a light positively on Kobe Bryant, his fans in a rush to pass judgment over you begin by calling you a "hater." Their beliefs are that you do not believe thatáKobe is a great player, which isn't the case.áIt just happens thatáafter watching Kobe the realization is the fact that he'll never be whatáthe media portrays him as. It's not Kobe's fault. It's the media's fault for trying to push this idiotic notion that every talented playeráneeds to be compared to Michael Jordan.áBefore Kobe it was Jerry Stackhouse and Vince Carter. Why were Stackhouse and Carter compared to Jordan? The answer was that they were both extremely talented players who came out of th ...

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