Dikembe Mutombo: Should He Be in Springfield?

Posted: 18th October 2009 by Steven Merriam in NBA
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I will answer that question with a quick and easy "yes." This NBA season will not be like any other recent season.á This is the first year since 1990 that Dikembe Mutombo will not be playing.á Fans either love him or hate him for his signature finger wag, but everybody knows who Dikembe Mutombo is.á He has been one of the most dominating forces in the NBA for years. Mutombo decided he would retire during the playoffs last year when he suffered a left knee rupture.á When I heard this news, I was very disappointed. Mutombo had been my favorite player in the league for years. While looking at his stats, I thought, I wonder if he has a chance to get in Springfield.á Here is my case to get Dikembe Mutombo in to Springfield, when he is eligible. Mutombo was born on June 25, 1966 in Kinshasa ...

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