Delonte West: What Were You Thinking?

Posted: 23rd September 2009 by Matt Algarin in NBA
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First things first... Delonte, what the hell were you thinking? Where were you going with that much heat? Especially speeding down the road on a motorcycle. According to Prince George's County Police, you had enough weapons on you to take on the local National Guard. Two concealed handguns? A shotgun disguised in a guitar case? Sounds kinda weird to me... If you know you are carrying a small arsenal, you probably shouldn't cut off a police officer. I know it sounds strange, but it may have kept you on the bench this season. At least you were smart enough to inform the officer that you were carrying a weapon. You just forgot to mention the other two. Did you not take a lesson from Plax? Carrying guns just doesn't work out very well these days. West was charged with two counts of gun possess ...

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Article written by Matt Algarin

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