Bone Head Writers Volume One: Shaq at Six?

Posted: 13th October 2009 by Ari Horing in NBA
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Bone Head Writers is an article written every week that points out one writer that has shown that they have no idea what they are talking about. The Bone Head in this volume that I would like to point out to is Kelly Dwyer of the blog Balls Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. On Oct. 6 he published an article listing the top ten players of the decade. Besides the fact that it seems that Balls Don't Lie is getting desperate for Top 10 lists, the main reason Kelly Dwyer is our selected bonehead is that he put Shaq at No. 6. Ringless Dirk Nowitski, and LeBron James were put ahead of the four time champion Shaq!! Kevin Garnett, who has no finals MVPs, was put over the three time finals MVP Shaq. Shame on you Dwyer!! I'm not sure if Dwyer forgot that 2000-2002, when Shaq won three titles, was actually p ...

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