2000-2010: The NBA’s Worst Decade

Posted: 27th June 2010 by Isaiah Montoya in NBA
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Not since the 1940's has there been such a decade of bad shooters, selfish play and sad defense as we saw in the 2000's. With the massive influx of uneducated and non-college play experienced roster members, the NBA has been sapped down to the lowest denominator of potential play. In a league where Kobe Bryant is considered the best shooter, there need not be more proof that the new NBA begs for a true shooting genius, a true defensive mastermind and a team player that can show a new generation what great really is. A person who has only watched the NBA in the 2000's has a tainted and weak view of basketball as a whole. We look through each season of the 2000's and realize that only two players are worthy to be mentioned as true all-around all-time greats who could have made it in the lea ...

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