Your Party Host Hates Hall of Fame Voters

Posted: 6th January 2010 by Scott Rogowski in MLB
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"You screwed Bert! You screwed Bert!"

That's a dumb reference that maybe one of you will understand. Anyhoo...

I hate the entire Baseball Hall of Fame voting procedure. A bunch of bitter, old, white guys sort through their personal biases, opinions, and qualifications of what they think a Hall of Famer is. There is no accountability. There is no reasoning needed. These men, who played for so long at the game they loved, have their chance at being among the baseball immortals decided by a bunch of fat, talentless hacks that make their livings in a dying profession. And these guys have to answer to no one for their decisions.

You know who they are. They're the fellows in fedoras who huff and puff when the letters "OPS," "VORP," or "WARP" are used. If you sa ...

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