Wouldn’t be the Worst Thing: Matt Holliday Signing Long-Term

Posted: 25th December 2009 by Joel Koch in MLB
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First off, it is officially Christmas now, at least where I live. So, Merry Christmas to all you readers! Okay, happy junk out of the way and onto business. This one will be short, as getting up early for Christmas Mass putsáa damper on the college lifestyle of sleeping in. All I hear about is how signing free agent Matt Holliday to a long-term deal will be detrimental to the signing team. Let's look at that, shall we? Holliday will be 30 years of age on Opening Day 2010. If signed to a five-year contract, as that seems to be the number floating around right now, he would surely be worth every penny...at least, most of it. Seriously, is any player really worth as much as they make? There is no reasonáto believe that Holliday would tank faster than snot flavored Pepsi (what flavors hasn't ...

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