Why the Chicago Cubs Should Keep Mike Fontenot AND Jeff Baker

Posted: 8th December 2009 by Michael Ashkenasi in MLB
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I've written about this elsewhere, but I really don't think a Fontenot/Baker platoon would be the worst thing in the world.á Fontenot has hit righties well, except for last year, which Goat Riders of the Apocalypse has shown to be a fluke: "To demonstrate, look at the league average in BABIP for the past three years, compared to Fontenot's BABIP. I'll drop his OPS in, too. 2007: League - .306, Mike - .330, Mike's OPS - .738
2008: League - .303, Mike - .355 (!), Mike's OPS - .909
2009: League - .302, Mike - .281 (...), Mike's OPS - .677 One other thing I'd look at: Font's ratio of at-bats against lefties to those against righties over the past three years. From '07 to '09: 1-to-3, 1-to-10, 1-to-6." Basically, in 2008 Fontenot never played against a left-hander and his numbers thriv ...

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