Why Major League Baseball Needs Four More Wild Cards

Posted: 28th September 2009 by Richard Malangone in MLB
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Peter Gammonsábeat this article'sáintent to the punch. But as you can tell fromásportsfanIQ's "Daily Discussions" page,áthe following is an elaboration on a previous concern.á Come Week One of the NFL season, markets which produce both baseball and football see aáchange in viewership, as MLB fans quickly shift theiráattention toward the NFL.á It's understandableáto see thisápattern in areas like Kansas City, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh, where their respective teams are, for the most part, not in contention by September. á In major markets like New York and Boston, however, where the Yankees and Red Sox consistently prepare for October, fan interestádrops offájust as dramaticallyáin the last mont ...

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