Vampires, Ventriloquists, and NL Gold Gloves: What the %$@! Is Going On?

Posted: 12th November 2009 by Andrew Nuschler in MLB
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There are lots of worldly occurrences that make absolutely no sense to me. For instance, popular American culture is apparently obsessed with vampires at the moment. Vampires? Really? Who signed off on this? My faith in a benevolent Higher Power has me convinced there's a bunch of television executives somewhere laughing themselves silly at the gag. The phenomenon has to be a perverse bet between suits a la the Duke Brothers in Trading Placesù"I'll bet you a dollar we can get the masses to go crazy about anything if we throw enough production behind it." Or what about a ventriloquist-comedian getting his own show? What's next, a mime? (Quick asideùhe might actually be funny as I've never seen his stand-up, but that's low hanging fruit. I mean, a ventriloquist? C'mon...) The sports world ...

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