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What kind of contract will Joel Pineiro get on the open market? The great Jon Heyman took a stab at that very question yesterday with this prediction: "Pineiro, two years, $15 million." This prediction is interesting to me because it's far lower than my prediction for Pineiro a week back of four years/$40 million. Either I really like Pineiro or Heyman really dislikes Pineiro. Or maybe the market just sucks.

But nevertheless, here's my reasoning for the four years/$40 million prediction: 1. He's young (just turned 31).

2. Fantastic 2009 season.

Does anyone realize just how good Pineiro has been this season? According to FanGraphs:

* Pineiro has been worth $23.8 million this year * 5.3 WAR * First in BB/9 (1.1) * First in HR/9 (.3) * First in ground ball percenta ...

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