Umpiring is a joke, so are rules

Posted: 5th July 2010 by Flushing Baseball Daily in MLB
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Mets fans who didn’t know it tonight found out that this year, umpires are jokes. Plain and simple. I have not seen a bigger joke my entire life, and hopefully won’t the rest of my life. After tonight, I have to ask, what constitutes a situation where umpires can confer and possibly overturn a call? Can someone, preferably MLB, explain that to me? Why was there no conference of umpires in Armando Galarraga ’s near perfect game yet there was one in tonight’s Mets game? I have always been under the impression that when the home plate umpire makes a call on that type of play, another ump can’t overturn him, apparently I was wrong. In addition how can an umpire 120-130 feet away see if it hit him? Another rule that should not have given Scott Rolen first base was ...

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