Ultimate 2009 MLB Postseason Projections

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Spencer Cuellar in MLB
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There is a saying with sports that at the moment, I can't remember exactly, but it ends with: ôrefs ruin them.ö á ôThemö being great games. á After yesterdayÆs AL Central tie-breaker, the saying hasnÆt been much truer.á Both teams were bad and great at times.á Both teams had their chances and the Twins took theirs and won.á I like to think the best team always wins. á However, itÆs still hard to swallow even when IÆm uninvolved and couldnÆt have less to do with Michigan and Minnesota when what I thought were clear calls were not made or were called, but incorrectly. á I know it happens in basketball all the time.á Football sometimes, but itÆs hard ...

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