Twas the Night Before Christmas and Charlie Manuel Is Santa

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Flattish Poe in MLB
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Twas the night before Christmasà á At least thatÆs what it feels like because the anticipation is killing me. But not in the way that little kids lie awake with giddiness at what Santa will bring. á This is the anxiety of a parent who hopes she came close to fulfilling a kidÆs wishes on a limited budget to extend the belief in a childhood hero for yet another year. á But she wonÆt know until itÆs over. á I imagine the Phillies are feeling the same way. Even when faced with a second consecutive World Series appearance, itÆs almost a moot point to point to last yearÆs achievements. á We entered the 2008 Series playing underdog to a Cinderella team. This year weÆre told we shouldnÆt have bothered to try outùHollywoodÆs Dodgers should have taken us out of contention like a bloc ...

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