The Royals Front Office Has Won The Battle of Who Could Care Less

Posted: 20th September 2009 by Josh Duggan in MLB
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I'd like to preface what I am about to say with a short qualification. What follows could very likely come across as being self-aggrandizing.  It may even seem like I am trying to add a degree of importance to this thing that I do as a hobby.  Let me assure you, I have mixed feelings about this blogging thing that I have taken to.  It is a medium by which we (by "we", I mean "I") can say virtually whatever we want with little or no repercussions. In anger, I am sure I have crossed a line here or there.  Furthermore, when I tell people that I write a blog about the Royals, it is not without a more than proportionate amount of shame and embarrassment.  Not all of those negative feelings have causes that can be attributed to the shameful team that I unfortunately am a ...

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Article written by Josh Duggan

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