The New York Mets: 90 Losses Looming

Posted: 28th September 2009 by Joe Fiorello in MLB
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An ugly season can be made considerably uglier with six games remaining for the New York Mets. Ninety wins is an accomplishment any organization can be proud of. Ninety losses is an accomplishment in failure usually reserved for small market teams with payrolls that can't be expected to compete. The Mets have broken new ground.á They've even been called the worst organization in Major League Baseball here. It's hard to disagree with them isn't it. This team has been a flop fest since Carlos Beltran looked at strike three in Game Seven of the NLCS in 2006. Late season collapses, injuries, mental breakdowns, errors, base running mistakes... It's been almost unbearable. I'd like to see how the team would have finished, even with all the injuries, if the players on the field played to t ...

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