The Most Important Position in Professional Sports: Fan

Posted: 3rd November 2009 by Geoff Crawley in MLB
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I was talking about the Phillies' chances in the World Series last week at work. I told a co-worker, ôI think we have a good chance of sweeping the Yankees.ö (Obviously, that was wrong, but that isnÆt the point here.) His reply was, ôWe? What position do you play?ö ôI play fan,ö I said. I used to think the same way. People who say ôweö when talking about their sports teams are a little too attached. It is not ôwe.öáWeáare not a part of the team. Or are we? I now say that fan is the most important position in professional sports. I am not naive enough to say that we directly pay theáplayersÆásalaries. But without us, how much do you think FOX would pay Major League Baseball for national television rights? If we donÆt watch, how much do you think Bud Light would be pay ...

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Article written by Geoff Crawley

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