The Mike Lowell Trade: What About Dusty Brown?

Posted: 12th December 2009 by Steven Merriam in MLB
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This week, the Red Sox have been in talks that will send Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. This trade has raised many questions. One being, will Max Ramirez now be the third catcher in the Red Soxáorganization in front of Dusty Brown and Mark Wagner? If Ramirez is the third catcher, it would upset me, as a Red Sox fan, due to the fact that Dusty Brown will most likely not get playing time. Brown was originallyáselectedáin the 35th round of the 2000 MLB Draft by the Red Sox and has frequently been on the Red Sox's springátraining team, but had not played in the majors until the 2009 season. Brown was called up on June 21, but was then sent back down to Triple-A two days after. During the season, Brown actually pitched for the Red Sox in a blowout aga ...

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