The Human Element in Baseball: Who Cares?

Posted: 26th October 2009 by Courtney Zierk in MLB
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With the plethora of blown calls this postseason, fans, analysts, and players alike are all shouting for the introduction of instant replay into Major League Baseball. As well they should be. á It seems like such an obvious win for the game, doesnÆt it? Even a limited version of instant replay would ensure that critical, game-changing calls are made correctly. WeÆre not talking about challenging balls and strikes here, just the one or two plays that occur in every game that even the most seasoned umpire has difficulty judging in real time. á Why, in the name of Lou GehrigÆs ghost, would anyone not want the umpire to get that call right? Because it would potentially extend what is already a time irrelevant sport? Because it would call into question the integrity of the grand old game? ...

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Article written by Courtney Zierk

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