The Five Biggest Problems for the LA Angels Right Now

Posted: 27th September 2009 by Steve Waverly in MLB
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For Angel fans, right now, at this moment, the World Series is looking far away. TheyÆre not winning. Their bullpen is unreliable. Their hitters are swinging like Vladdy. The Red Sox are waiting. The opening round is best of five. LetÆs take a look at them one at a time: 1. TheyÆre not winning. This would be a bigger problem if the Texas Rangers hadnÆt tanked the last few weeks. Yes, the lead is down to five, and Texas is coming to town. But barring a major collapse, the Angels will get in. And the Angels already had their major collapse in 1995. Lightning wonÆt strike twice. Even for the Halos. 2. The bullpen. This is a problem, and one we could see coming. The game tonight against Oakland was indicative of whatÆs ahead in the playoffs. Pressure. And the inability to handle it. Jaso ...

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Article written by Steve Waverly

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