The Facts on the Roy Halladay Trade and Contract Extension

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Ben Livingston in MLB
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Anybody who has followed the Phillies' pursuit of Roy Halladay over the past few days is quite aware of the complexity of the proposed trades to acquire him. Several teams are directly or indirectly involved, and it's even been suggested that the full trade package be broken down into three separate two-team deals. However, given the fact that each proposed trade is contingent on the one before it being accepted, the deal is perhaps best examined as a four-team deal, despite the fact that it is not officially so. Viewing the trade this way allows us to see the broader impact of the trade by connecting the dots in a more logical fashion. However,áit is important to remember that there are three separate trades being negotiated here: Phillies/Jays, Phillies/Mariners, and Blue Jays/Athletics ...

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