The Best Pitching Stat Every Assembled= NLD+K-W

Posted: 13th October 2009 by Ben Olch in MLB
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Baseball fans love their stats. áAnd why not? áStats allow fans to remain engaged with their favorite or most despised players long after the game has ended. áBut, do we follow the right stats. áUp until a few years ago most fans thought that batting average was the best way to judge a playersáperformance. áWe now know better, as BA does not take into account such important attributes as how many times one gets on base or how many bases theyáacquire on their hits. á Fielding statistics seem to be getting better by the day, with Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) leading the charge at the moment. áBut, what about Pitching? áWe used to believe that ERA was the be all end all, however recently WHIP (or walks plus hits per innings p ...

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