The Baseball Hall of Fame Voting Process Needs to Be Revamped

Posted: 7th January 2010 by John Fennelly in MLB
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Excessive Politics and Subjectivity in Uneven Voting Process When someone asks me if so-and-so should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, I have always stuck to my rule of thumb: If you can't say yes in three seconds, the guy doesn't belong. It's that simple, yet every year we argue about who belongs and who doesn't. This year, Andre Dawson got in and Roberto Alomar did not. How could that be? How does Dawson get in and Roger Maris and Dale Murphy not? No one knows the answer to that question. That is why the Baseball Hall of Fame is becoming more and more irrelevant to me and many others. Great players are not being seriously considered. Instead, longevity and mediocrity are being rewarded. By irrelevant I don't mean the building or the institution, mind you, but the election proces ...

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Article written by John Fennelly

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