TBS’ MLB Playoffs Coverage: Very Funny?

Posted: 9th October 2009 by PJ Ross in MLB
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On Wednesday and Thursday, baseball fans around the nation got a special treat in the form of a playoff tripleheader. Living on the west coast, it provided me with the perfect day; baseball starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. But with that pleasure also came despair. TBS is responsible for the divisional series round this season, and they are already getting on my nerves. First of all, can we please do away with the pitch trax graphic on every pitch? IÆm watching the game, TBSùclearly, I can see where the ball is caught. I donÆt need to know the exact inch where it hits. If itÆs a close call or an important call, sure, bust out the digitized graphics and letÆs get crazy. But aside from that, IÆm sick of having my screen blocked ...

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