Smith vs. Gardy: Or Lead Harder, Not Smarter

Posted: 17th September 2009 by Marty Andrade in MLB
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  It took a little digging. I might have broken a law or two. Or I might have just made it up. In any case, I'm sticking by the story.   Ron Gardenhire recently requested some extra players for his ailing team and Bill Smith refused. Despite losing Justin Morneau and Joe Crede to season ending injuries, Bill Smith is staying pat.   Thanks to inside sources, I have reprinted, below, the actual conversation between Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire and General Manager Bill Smith.   Bill Smith (answering phone): Hey Gardy.   Ron Gardenhire: Hey Bill!   BS: Did you get those flowers I sent you and your wife? Congratulations on your anniversary   Gardy: Thanks Bill, we loved them   BS: Great, what can I do you for Gardy?   Gardy: Well, I'm sorta short of ...

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