Should MLB Terminate San Francisco Giants’ Rights to San Jose for the Athletics?

Posted: 20th December 2009 by David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X in MLB
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Let me say to begin that I have long dreamed that the Oakland Athletics would move to my hometown of San Jose. The issue has long been that the San Francisco Giants "own" the rights to the San Jose market, which in my opinion is anachronistic.á The San Francisco ownership of the San Jose market is from a time before San Jose became the technological powerhouse of Silicone Valley, and one of the largest cities in America, larger even than San Francisco. To me, it echoes the sentiments of Thomas Paine and Common Sense ; why should a smaller city own the rights to a larger city that has an independent identity? The primary fanbase for the Giants has come from the San Jose market. Yet, it seems quite unfair that the Giants should own the rights of two major cities. The MLB however, can vote t ...

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