Scott Boras: The Highest Paid Man in Baseball?

Posted: 13th December 2009 by Cliff Eastham in MLB
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Who makes the most money in professional baseball? A-Rod? Nope. CC Sabathia? Try again. Mark Teixeira ? Give up, you aren’t even close. The man who makes the most money in professional baseball would have to be agent Scott Boras. Good agents haul in between three to five percent of a player’s salary. So, if you would look at some of the horses in his stable, you may see for yourself. Barry Zito had his contract negotiated by Boras for $121 million. If you take the low end (three percent) you can see that he made $3.6 M on that one deal. “Dice K” of the Boston Red Sox was paid $56M of which Boras would have received at least $1.6M. Is it beginning to become a little clearer now? Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees was given a deal of $180M, in which Boras would hav ...

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Article written by Cliff Eastham

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